Data Annotation

  • To make your machine learning models accurate, Label Labs will deploy a team of experts to deliver best training data with pixel perfect annotations.
  • Annotate your data using bounding boxes, rectangles, polygons, text, feature points, landmark, segmentation etc.
  • We will deliver the required output either in CSV, Excel, JSON, or the way you require it.
  • All your data will be dealt in secured environment.
  • We at Label Labs help you annotate the data required for your model, be it text, images or audio we have a solution for all.
  • Human annotated information is more accurate and gives precise quality compared to machines and that’s why we are here to ensure that you receive precise training data for your model.
  • We cater to all leading industries such as Automotive, Health Care, Retail, Agriculture to name a few.
  • Our Iterative Process, helps you with more training data in case you want to fine tune your model to make an accurate prediction.

Data Anonymization

  • Data will be shared in secured environment.
  • Our team will understand the entities your business like to anonymize.
  • Each and every sensitive information will be masked according to business need.
  • We provide anonymization technique like Suppression, Character Masking, Swapping, Generalization etc. to protect your personal, confidential or proprietary information from datasets for privacy purpose.
  • This reduces the risk of exposure of data used for labelling purpose and adds a layer of security for data protection.

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